A New Kind of Boating Experience

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To start out this week we played a fun game with a tricky solution. The girls had to think outside of the box to figure out how to separate their ropes without taking their hands out of the bowlines.

After we untangled ourselves, we made our way to the third floor pilothouse of the Maritime Building to the Boating Simulator.


The simulator is high tech training tool that is used by professional mariners to practice navigation and vessel operations. Right now, it’s being used extensively by people training to be Puget Sound pilots as they practice for their exams.

The Girls practiced entering and exiting the Kilisut Harbor channel (where we plan to go on our upcoming Journey) using the navigational aids to make sure they did not run aground. They each took turns at the three stations: Driving, Navigating, and Lookout. By the time they were on the way out of the channel the sun had already set and it was dark out. They found it a bit more challenging to navigate the channel purely by the red and green lights because they could not see the land. For their first time on the simulator they did pretty well.

After they finished the simulation they all went back down to the shop to put the finishing touches on their toolboxes.

Sophia got the bottom cut out and started planing it down to the right size.

Linnea drilled holes, hammered in the rose-headed copper nails, and sanded out the pencil lines.

Grace completely finished her toolbox! YAY! She even finished it with some nice wood oil.