May 18 2024


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Anchoring & Anchorages – In-Person

Learn the fundamentals of anchoring and anchorages! This class starts with the basics. We’ll provide practical tips specific to our local waterways about how, when, and where to drop anchor, and when and where to find a safe haven.

Our experienced instructors have been there, done that, and learned a ton along the way. They’re here to clue you in on the tricks of the trade so you can skip the whole “learning from mistakes” part! Topics covered include the pros and cons of anchoring, the physics behind how they work, and how to select the right anchor for your vessel and needs. We will learn the techniques involved in deploying, setting, scoping, and successful anchor retrieval—as well as some classic errors and how to avoid, or at least resolve, them! You will learn about anchoring in special situations such as storms, currents, or high winds, and this class will also inform you about specific anchorages in the San Juan and Gulf Islands—where to drop the hook in fair weather and where to hide in a storm. 

This class is in person at the Northwest Maritime Center campus.

Course Details:

May 18, Oct 19
10 AM–1 PM | Cost: $90 non-member, $81 member

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Platform: In-person at the NWMC Campus
  • Teaching style: This class consists of a presentation followed by interactive discussions and a Q&A session.
  • Duration: One 3-hour session
  • Materials: Supplementary materials and resources will be provided for further reading and reference one week prior to the class.
  • Registration: Sign up online at
  • Cost: $90 non-member, $81 member
  • Notes: Please watch for a reminder email that will be sent one week before class. This class has a four-person minimum.