Science on the Water

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

It was a still day on the water and a great chance to do some science sampling. After getting to know the science gear last week, students were ready to use the equipment aboard Onward. Two teams of scientists, the Diatoms and the Moo Moos, deployed equipment and refined methods of sampling today. We did two different locations so we could compare and practice. The results were fairly similar at the the two sites: one inside the marina by the pump out dock, the other about 100 feet off the concrete pilings outside Point Hudson.

As the year progresses we will develop a longer term science inquiry project we can take on as part of our weekly classes. The team is continuing to bond and learn how to row and work together. We are looking forward to welcoming a few more team members in the next couple of weeks.

A highlight of the day was watching a gull, who was lovingly named George, feast on a school of fish that was also being fed on by a Rhinocerous Auklet from underneath. We were also grateful for the beautiful weather and the wonderful boat that was our platform for learning, Onward!