Viking Faering in Progress in the Boatshop!

hallie kopaldAll, Boatshop

Viking Faering Boatbuilding at the Northwest Maritime Center

There are vikings in the Boatshop and they’ve been busy! Students have been working with local materials and traditional tools which were selected to mimic the characteristics of what the vikings used; grown crooks, green oak, pine tar, and hand forged rivets—we’re even swinging axes! Halfway through our 10-day course and the faering only needs the last planks before we begin framing. The shop is buzzing with the sound of wood being carved and the rap of hammer on nail. Step back in time with us and witness boatbuilding without molds, the way it has been done for millennia.

Stop by the Boatshop at 431 Water Street to watch the build in action now through August 9, Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM. 

If you want to be a part of our next cultural boat-building course, there are still 2 spaces left in Japanese River Boatbuilding (Aug 24-28). Students will be learning from boat builder Douglas Brooks who has apprenticed with 7 Japanese master boat builders. An incredible opportunity! Click here to learn more.