Angles and pilot holes

Chrissy McLeanBoatshop, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

After two weeks off for winter break, it was great to be back in the shop again this week. We started our day with snacks and sharing about our winter break adventures and relaxation. Then we reviewed shop safety rules and headed downstairs to get to work.

The boat building crew worked to drill pilot holes and pattern the chine batten (which will be used to anchor the fasteners on the boat sides and bottom). Patterning involved finding and transferring angles with a bevel gauge and then cutting precisely with a hand saw. It was a fun exercise to figure out where the board would lay when it was bent into place.

The bench project crew continued working on their boxes. Girls are in many stages of this project- laying out half lap joints, planing grooves for bottom boards, and drilling pilot holes for fasteners. It was fun to see how much the girls have learned about using tools and how they share their knowledge with each other.

At the end of the day, we take a moment to reflect on our day and share what we learned and enjoyed. Girls liked learning about angles, drilling holes, measuring, cutting, having fun conversations, and playing Beckon, Beckon during our outside break.