Wintery Sunshine

Chrissy McLeanAll, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

One of the many cool things about our NW Maritime Center campus is that we can take advantage of good weather and opportunities to get on the water. Yesterday started off drizzly and gray but the sun broke through and the seas were calm- it was a perfect afternoon to head out.

We started in the classroom with a review of rowing commands. Then we headed to the Bosun’s locker and put on rain pants and layers and packed our boat gear. We reviewed boat parts and safety at the dock and then we were on our way.

After practicing some maneuvering, the girls completed a successful crew overboard drill. It only took them 2 minutes to recover “Bobette” the fender!

We sang some shanties and then stopped in the sun for a snack and a moment of silence. It was fun to be out and to smile at the other adventurous folks who took to the water for the afternoon. Before long, it was time to return to the dock and finish up our day together.

We reflected with toasts to our day (which also helped us drink more water). We toasted to remembering rowing commands, aching arms, good teamwork, peace and calm on this beautiful day, water, good sleep, great people, and sunshine. Thanks for supporting us!