SEVENTY48 2024: Paddles Up, Community Strong

Since its inaugural splash in 2018, SEVENTY48 has evolved from a daunting challenge into a yearly beacon for the PNW paddling community. This isn’t just a race; it’s a rallying point where endurance meets enthusiasm, where paddlers gather not only to compete but to connect and push their limits together.

This year, a record-breaking 135 teams will launch into the waters of Puget Sound, each stroke powered by months of preparation, camaraderie, and at least a little fear. These teams consist of soloists on kayaks, SUPs, and rowboats—all the way up to one team (the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind) boasting 16 crew aboard a native-style canoe. The diversity of craft and adventurists are building a vibrant community spirit that stretches far beyond the race course.

This year, we celebrate a new race start location in partnership with the Foss Waterway Seaport. And, as racers push through to the finish line at the Northwest Maritime Campus in Port Townsend, they’ll find the SEVENTY48 Clubhouse waiting at Pope Marine Park—a hub where fans and participants alike share tales of the journey, laughter, and the collective triumph of spirit over fatigue.

Join us to witness the spectacle, to cheer on the brave souls who paddle through the night, and to be part of a tradition that grows richer with each passing year. Whether you’re on the water or waving from the shore, you’re a part of the SEVENTY48 community.