MHS Mentors Connect Students to Maritime Careers

Maritime High School’s Mentorship Program is an important component of the school’s educational design. Paired with professionals from across the maritime field, students explore career paths while practicing networking skills and beginning to build a professional network.

Mentors connect directly with 10th-grade students, join other mentors and student cohorts at our semi-annual Mentor Breakfasts, and attend MHS Presentations of Learning twice a year to celebrate student learning and success. The benefit is not just for the students—these mentors share what they have gotten out of the program. Please join us!


“The MHS mentor program provided me with a way of giving back to the local maritime community by supporting tomorrow’s workforce. Through the program, I have developed meaningful connections with local kids interested in doing what I do. I have loved my career as a Marine Engineer, and it is great to connect with kids who are interested in following in my footsteps.”

Ed Garrahy | Principal, Marine Engineering | Glosten


“Being part of a MHS mentor group this year has been great. It’s an honor to get to know these awesome young people- their school and career pursuits as well as their personal interests. I’m glad for the opportunity to share my experience in the maritime industry and be their cheerleader!”

  – Allison Demmert | F/V Chirikof


“It’s fair to say I’ve learned as much from MHS students as they’ve learned from me. Hearing about how they view the world, their aspirations for the future, and the new perspectives they bring to our most critical issues is invigorating and gives me great hope for the future of the industry.”

Mark Gleason | Marine Insurance | The Travelers, Inc.


“I have always found it important to give back to the trade that has provided for my family and I. I see myself in the students and I wish I had people to help me understand how many different career paths are available and to share their life experiences when I was their age. Mentoring at MHS provides the opportunity to meet new people, to learn from the staff and students, and to be a part of something meaningful.”

– DJ Lewis | Plumbing Crew Chief | Port of Seattle

Interested in becoming an MHS Mentor? Email Northwest Maritime Program Director Robin Mills at