Girls’ Boat Project: Launching Sea Star

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to wrap up all our projects. First, it was all hands on deck to assemble and glue up tool trays. The girls finished their tool tray projects off with a coat of Skidmore’s beeswax and rope handles for carrying. Next, they used the bandsaw to cut out pieces for the stern thwart, which they then shaped with block planes. Finally, they painted Sea Star’s topsides with local Marshall’s Cove paint. While the paint dried, we took a spin on the Martha J, and each of the girls got to practice steering.

The 2023-24 session of the Girls’ Boat Project ended with sunshine and celebration. Our last day included naming our boat (Sea Star,) launching her, singing karaoke, making friendship bracelets, taking home our tool tray projects, and one last round of Ninja! The boat launch included a toast with sparkling cider, a wreath of cedar boughs and local flowers, and a celebratory sea shanty.

We have been consistently impressed with each and every one of our participants. These girls are focused, driven, talented, full of joy and curiosity. Everyone leveled up their woodworking skills and confidence, both in the shop space and on the water. We could not have asked for a more fun and engaged crew. We can’t wait for the next session!