Family Fun

Kids’ Cove is a special area of the Festival set aside just for kids activities, but there are other things happening throughout the Festival all weekend long that kids and families will enjoy. Check the schedule for the specific times of these activities. Kids’ Cove is open throughout Festival during regular hours.

Inside Kids’ Cove

Kids’ Boatbuilding
A perennial favorite and right of passage for all kids! Kids of all ages can design, build, rig and sail away with their own small wooden boat. Select a hull, a mast, some sailcloth, and before you know it, life slows down while you help hold a nail, and share the joy of building a boat! Then take the boat to the water to enjoy the sweetness of kids playing with boats on the water.

This beautiful, handmade Carousel of the Sea, created by third-generation carousel maker Bill Dentzel, gives free rides all weekend!

The YMCA provides a craft booth all weekend, with a variety of nautical-themed activities available. Stop by any time!

Throughout the Festival

Sail a Thunderbird
These free 45 minute rides are very popular– sign up early! Sign ups start at 9 am for morning rides and noon for afternoon rides. This is a great way to get out on the water and see the Festival. Sign up and meet at the NWMC dock.

Longboat Rides
A classic Festival experience – join with a group of 12 and work together as a team to sail/row a historic longboat. A great way to get a sense of the history of wooden boats! Located at the base of the harbor.

Pirate Treasure Hunt
This is a classic treasure hunt lead by pirates! Sunday meet at the Cupola House under the Jolly Roger Flag at noon! A band of merry pirates will lead anyone dressed like a pirate on this fun adventure to roam the Festival in search of treasure! Plundering pirate ships is not out of the question…

North Star Stage Plays
Come see Captain Cloud’s Latest Adventure – another long-time Festival favorite. This short play will engage kids of all ages, and often encourages enthusiastic audience participation! Located behind Artist Row on the way to The Point.

Sail a Model Sailboat
Visit the Tippecanoe Sailboats booth out on The Point for an opportunity to sail a T-37 model sailboat in the harbor. Fun for ALL ages – you might have to wait your turn with grownups!

Sea Life Snorkel
Sponsored by the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, this popular activity involves divers going off the beach and bringing back marine life samples for kids to examine and explore (before returning them to their home). Meet at the Compass Rose on the First Federal Commons, and check the schedule for exact times.

Oceanography On the Dock
For anyone with the curiosity and enthusiasm of a scientist! Led by Port Townsend Marine Science Center staff and volunteers, this activity provides the opportunity to get familiar with basic principles of oceanography. Use actual scientific equipment to measure salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and more. The data collected during the program helps participants understand the health and characteristics of our local waters. Check schedule for exact times.

Sea Shanty Circle
Join with other song lovers for an evening of singing sea shanties! Held both Friday and Saturday nights in the Marina Room (on the way to The Point), the singing starts at 7 pm. No experience is necessary to join the fun – experienced song leaders will have the whole group singing along to rousing age-old sea shanties in no time!

Music and Dance Stage
Music is a big part of the Festival experience, and the Main Stage in Bar Harbor offers live music all day, every day! Enjoy everything from sea shanties to rock n’ roll, and everything in between. Children are welcome in the all-ages section, where there’s always plenty of room to dance!

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