Everything You Need to Know About Participating in the Edensaw Boatbuilding Challenge

Application coming in the spring!

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General Information

The Edensaw Boatbuilding Challenge is limited to 10 teams. If over 10 teams apply they will be chosen by lottery.
The cost is $125 per team, which includes two t-shirts and up to four Festival passes.


1st prize $1500 Edensaw gift certificate
2nd prize $1000 Edensaw gift certificate
3rd prize $500 Edensaw gift certificate


• Maximum of four team members per team
• Boat must be made of wood
• Must provide your own building materials, i.e. sawhorses, tools, etc.
• Clean-up and tidiness is important, please bring a tarp to put down
• Teams may begin unloading materials on Thursday evening, after 5:00 PM
• All building must take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning
• No power planers, table saws, grinders, joiners or excessively loud/dangerous power tools
• Power tool usage may be restricted during evening hours
• No pre-cut material*
• Pre-finished wood is acceptable
• Completed boat must float one team member and complete short course
• Vessel must be rowed, paddled, or sailed
• Size of the boat is up to the team; build space is limited to 10’x15′
• One parking pass per team near boat building area

*A certain amount of advance milling is acceptable. Wood can be planed and cut to a dimension, but not cut to a boat shape. Same for frames, transoms, and other stock. Wood cannot be glued up or cut in advance, but you can be ready to glue and cut at the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three bandsaws, a steambox, access to one electrical outlet per team, a roped-off build area, Festival passes for each team member, and an Edensaw docent to answer questions from Festival participants