Bravo Team is Sailing Again!

Nancy IsraelUncategorized

It is starting to feel like spring and we were happy to get out in the breeze. The team got to learn and refresh sailing skills as we sailed down the bay to Boathaven and back. Which meant we only need to tack once! The dance of tacking on a longboat requires a lot coordination between crew members and they stepped up to the challenge as they learned the roles needed.

During our moment of silence, we were able to hear the water rushing past the hull and watch the scenery moving by quickly. As far as longboats go, we were moving along at a clip! Spirits were high as we joked around and enjoyed each other’s company. Our reflection today was to offer one word to describe your experience of the day. Here are some of our words: sunny, hilarious, zen, relaxing, smooth and springy.

We are so close to deciding on our environmental project but decided to wait one more week until we have most of the class together. We are choosing between projects related to 3 different topics: deforestation, plastics in the ocean and Southern Resident Orcas. Our focus will be on finding a project we can accomplish within the last two months of our class that inspires all of us!