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Access for all

Along the shores of the Salish Sea, we see a challenge. Powerful youth development experiences and exceptional education environments are limited for students who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Formative maritime learning opportunities offer a hands-on, supportive space for youth to explore and reach their full potential. We believe the sea is the most powerful teacher we know. It must be accessible to all.

Because learning requires courage

When students make mistakes and learn from them, we call that courage. As an organization, we hold ourselves to the same standards we ask of our students. Be bold. Lead. Choose big goals. When you make a mistake, learn from it. And when you succeed, push yourself to go bigger. It’s why that old adage still rings true—a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.

Today, as students begin to emerge from the pandemic’s grip, authentic learning through powerful maritime experiences is more important than ever. It’s our responsibility to increase access to these experiences, so that more students are given the opportunity to grow into courageous, empathetic, resilient leaders.

And experience forges expertise

We have always been driven by bold visions, innovation, and the desire to create the largest possible impact in the communities we serve. Thirty years of youth maritime education expertise helped us grow our portfolio of youth development programs to nearly 45,000 hours of student learning annually, which includes Salish Sea Expeditions and the Maritime Discovery Program, among many others.

Be bold, together

This year, we’ve set a bold course for regional expansion led by the launch of the Maritime High School with Highline Public Schools in Seattle. With your support, we’re on a path to expand youth development access 10x—to more than 450,000 student hours of maritime programming annually—and greatly increase access for BIPOC students.

“I used to look out at the Sound and just see water. Then I went out on a Salish trip and discovered the details below the water. When I got back to school, I wondered what details I was missing in all my other subjects.”
– Salish Sea Expeditions Student

New Maritime High School
Courageous learning happens here.

Maritime High School connects students from the region with hands-on, project-based learning to create access to local maritime careers and open doors for post-secondary education opportunities.

Anchored in the Duwamish Valley, the school delivers powerful youth development experiences and exceptional education environments to students who are furthest from educational justice, resources, and opportunities in the Highline Public Schools and surrounding districts. The inaugural class is enrolling now.

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“Our aim is to not just meet students where they are but where they dream of being.”
– Tremain Holloway, Inaugural Principal

Incredible things happen

when students connect to the sea

Maritime Discovery Program • Salish Sea Expeditions • Girls’ Boat
Project Real World Readiness • Port Townsend Maritime Academy • Bravo Team

This is our moment to create positive regional change through powerful maritime experiences.

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