We offer classes from traditional navigation with paper charts through cutting-edge Pilothouse Simulation courses—our goal is to make you a better, safer and more confident mariner. Class sizes are small and are designed to be hands-on, so that you are learning while doing—whether it’s Radar or Dead Reckoning. If you have a group or club that would like to schedule a private class, please contact robin@nwmaritime.org to make arrangements.

Pilothouse Simulator Classes

Introduction to Radar Navigation

Nov 11
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM  |  $75 Non-member  |  $65 Member

Learn to interpret the images your radar is displaying with hands-on radar exercises in our Chart Room. This class includes an introduction to true and relative motion, range, bearing, and what that means to you and your vessel. You will also learn how to mark targets and track other vessels. This class has a four-person minimum.

Radar & Night Navigation

Nov 11
1:00 – 3:30 PM  |  $75 Non-member  |  $65 Member

Build on your basic radar skills with simulated collision avoidance exercises. Use vectors, bearing lines and range rings to navigate safely. You will learn to recognize other vessels, aids to navigation, harbor entrances, and hazards at night. The class features our state-of-the-art marine simulator, which accurately demonstrates the lights of Puget Sound and the vessels you might encounter. This class has a four-person minimum.

Custom Pilothouse Simulator Classes

Get a group of 6-8 folks together and we’ll schedule a class for you on your schedule! Please contact robin@nwmaritime.org to make arrangements.

In the Classroom

Essentials of Safe Navigation

Nov 18
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM  |  $150 Non-member  |  $135 Member 

An 8 hour course that introduces you to all of the basics of navigating safely in our Pacific Northwest waters: paper charting, rules of the road, aids to navigation, vessel lights, electronic navigation and radar. This course is taught in a single 8-hour class on a Saturday, and has a four-person minimum.

Navigation & Piloting

2019 dates TBD  |  5:30 – 8:00 PM  |  $150 Non-member  |  $135 Member
This classroom based program focuses on chart reading, navigational aids, navigational tools, compass use, latitude and longitude, dead-reckoning, triangulation, tides and currents, trip planning, boating resources for the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands, and how to safely cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca!

NEW IN 2018! Yachts and Small Craft Survey Course

2019 Dates TBD |  8:30 AM – 5:00 PM  |  $700 Non-member  |  $650 Member 
This is a week long introduction to marine surveying, focusing on yachts and small craft. The course is taught by John Baird, NAMS and ABYC certified Marine Surveyor. In addition to being an introductory overview to marine surveying, the class will cover: corrosion; hull types; fasteners; hull piping and sea connections; deckhouse, rigs, sail and spar inspection; fuel and engine systems; navigation systems; HVAC; marine asset valuation; and report writing.

NEW IN 2018! Outboard Workshop: Getting Ready for Spring

March 24 |  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM  |  $40 Non-member  |  $36 Member 
This 3-hour class in the Boatshop will prepare you for the upcoming boating season. Small outboards are a critical component of safety gear and neglect can result in a variety of expenses. This is a hands-on workshop, so plan on getting dirty!

Topics include the basics of simple and routine small outboard motor maintenance, including changing the oil, fuel, lubrication, electrical inspection, and diagnosis of common problems. The class will focus on two and four-stroke gas engines 15 hp and less. Several small engines will be available as a training aids during the workshop.

NEW IN 2018! Intro to Timezero Navigator by Nobeltec

2019 Dates TBD |  6:00 PM – 9:00 PM |  $40 Non-member  |  $35 Member 
This class will cover how to use Timezero Navigator From Nobeltec, for local cruising to off shore sailing. This class will focus on route planning utilizing onboard tide and current data, from cruising the Salish sea to maybe a not so impromptu inside passage trip…. We will also cover off shore routing using our onboard weather software, advanced route planning tools with an introduction to Polar files, isochrones and route variability. This class is taught by Daniel Joram, the West Coast Representative for Nobeltec, Partner in the ketch Ariel of Victoria, long time wooden boat owner and captain.