To Do or Not to Do, There is No Try

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

This quote by Yoda broke the silence today during Bravo Team Class – To Do or Not to Do, There is No Try.  In the classroom at the beginning of class, we decided to shift gears in our Journey Planning to look at a shorter, more local trip the second week of May.  Stand by for more information as a plan develops.  We also set the goal to have some more video captured of the longboat underway but not with the camera aboard.  With the great weather today, we headed downstairs for gear management.

How would we accomplish the task of both videography and capturing the longboat underway?  Borrowing a tripod, Luca stationed himself on the NWMC dock (put back in just a week and a half ago!) ready to record.  We made our way out of the marina aboard longboat Townshend and through VHF communication, created a plan for ‘the perfect shot.’  After two rounds of rowing and singing (the first hadn’t been recorded so was an accidental dress rehearsal), we anchored near the County Dock and settled in for snack, moment of silence, and general enjoyment of the beautiful day today.

The Yoda quote matches the group’s energy today as we made decisions about how to best use our time during class, how to best manage time for the rest of the month, and to accomplish the goals of the group.  Overall, favorite parts of the Bravo Team shared at the end of the day were:  friendships, seeing skills develop, getting out on the water, seeing jellyfish, donuts, environmental project, seeing roles and responsibilities rotate each class, and having access to the water and boating (which a lot of people don’t have).