Be Here Now

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team is coming to the last 6 weeks of the school year and we’re melding into a team that takes care of one another.  Ship’s Articles is a social contract constructed in a democratic way.  We looked up the word democratic at class this week as we focused in on the Ship’s Article sail cloth that represents the team and what ingredients help us function.  The word ‘democratic’ is described by Merriam-Webster as: “Relating to the idea that all people should be treated equally”  (…we left out the political definitions of this word).  As we revisited this concept in our discussion, it became clear that being present, in the here and now, is key to this class and helping the team.  Many of the words on the Ship’s Article include: working together, PMA (positive mental attitude), build each other up, patience, awareness, time and place, be open to learning…. see photo here

After signing on the Ship’s Article, we were able to do some fun games to help us use the words in an actionable way – being trustworthy, having fun.  Then we made our way down to the boat via the Boatswain’s Locker.  A new coxswain tested his leadership voice by having a sidekick with experience and we were able to get out on the water for just over an hour.  A Crew Overboard Drill, a Moment of Silence, and our usual Snacking all were peaceful in the sunshine and calm weather.  Beautiful clouds, a few other boats nearby, and a sense of spring in the air helped us realize the gifts of the day and being together on the water.

At the end of the class, we reflected with the Question: “What unique gift do you bring to Bravo Team?”  People’s answers varied:  smiles, energy, a love of the natural world and being out in it, an ability to think about the flow, experience with the boat, and patience.  Our Ship’s Articles helped us meld today and the quote shared at the end our Moment of Silence captures well the overall vibe of the day:  “There is no such thing as a weird human being.  It’s just that some people require more understanding than others.”  ~Tom RobbinsAnother Roadside Attraction

Thanks y’all for following along!  Keep in touch!