Stormy day

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team meets rain or shine, wind or calm and today we had a chance to learn more about the storm brewing in the Pacific Ocean.  After observing our local waters from the balcony of the Northwest Maritime Center (and determining it to be over 18 knots of wind speed and therefore not safe to go out longboating), we spent some time looking at Cliff Mass’ Weather Blog (  There were many cool weather images to see on the smart board in our classroom.


Bravo Team students using the Beaufort wind scale to determine wind speed in knots and the compass to determine the direction of the wind.

Taking inspiration from our observations and from the weather model images, we had time for our first Weather Journal project.  We were tasked with recording visible signs, writing the forecast, and making it creative and original.  Many beautiful sketches were made!


Weather journal creative time in Explorer Classroom

A beach walk around Point Hudson marina confirmed that it was best we were on shore as we watched the wind waves increase and the rain blow in from the south.


Post bilge pumping beach walk

At the end of each class we share our ‘high tide’ (our favorite part of class) and our ‘rip tide’ (something we didn’t enjoy as much).  Some of the high tides today were: pumping out the bilges of the longboats, weather journal work, going on the beach walk, and climbing a tree.  Some of the rip tides today were: not being on the water, not remembering how to use a compass, and the big storm coming on Saturday (soccer games and Lia’s birthday).


Bilge pumping competition between Townshend and Bear!