Rowing Onward!

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

We were lucky to have sunshine and calm conditions for our first time out rowing with this crew. Onward was our vessel of choice today for the number of students we had. Bravo team continued to get to know each other and learn about what to expect from the program. We started the day practicing knots and especially worked on the round turn and two half hitches as a knot to use for tying to the dock.

Before we headed down to the boat, we did a team building game that helped with communication and trust. As we were preparing the boat at the dock, a reporter from Peninsula Daily News, took a photo which ended up on the front page today!

It was a great day for practicing rowing skills and trying out different roles onboard. Different people tried out the coxswain and stroke oar positions. We practiced a crew overboard drill, by rescuing “Jimmy” (a buoy). Our moment of silence and snack were much appreciated after rowing and singing sea shanties for a while. Clif bar has most graciously donated snacks to us again this year.

We are looking forward to getting out on the water more in the coming weeks and learning more about the boat, each other and the marine environment.