Journey planning and Squall drill

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs


We are continuing to plan for the four-day journey happening in May and part of the preparation includes safety awareness and drills.  We performed a squall drill today which involved counting off for roll-call, having a ‘buddy’ to help don the exposure suits, and staying tuned in as a crew to listen for further instructions from the Captain.  The photo includes many smiles as we floated near Point Hudson.


Other activities today were trip planning: menu planning and tides and currents.  On the first day of our trip May 9th, we’re aware of a large flood happening in the afternoon.  As we’re launching longboat Townshend in Anacortes, we’ll plan accordingly for the currents to work in our favor.  Meals were chosen and some of them include: the ever-famous oatmeal for breakfast, pasta with red sauce, and vegetable stew.  More planning next week!

Preparing for a journey is continuing to build our teamwork as well as our environmental awareness and knowledge as we come to the end of our school year.  Welcome to Tristan Hefley, Gabe’s older brother who will crew with us for the journey as well as Reece Kjeldgaard and Dylan Tracer who were in Bravo Team last year.