Journey and Environmental Project Planning

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

A blustery and rainy Thursday kept us ashore 2 weeks in a row. We utilized our time  well and accomplished several things. We practiced our knots, did journey preparation, and environmental planning project planning.

Our longboat journey is May 5-9 and we have plenty of preparations to do! Every week from now until then, we will do something to learn skills and plan for the voyage. We are planning to trailer the longboat to Anacortes and head out into the San Juan Islands. This week we worked in small teams to record tide and current information to help us in planning where we can go. Longboats especially depend on favorable current to help us travel.

We took a break from our classroom time and helped turn immersion suits inside out to dry. They were used yesterday in a safety training for Port Townsend high school students enrolled in Schooner School, a maritime vocational training program.

Our environmental project planning led us deeper into writing our script for our documentary on plastic straws as well as creating art work and researching facts. We are hoping to finish up the scriptwriting next week and start filming after that! Hopefully we’ll be getting out on the water more in the coming weeks as well!