December Sunshine

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

We welcomed the opportunity to be out on this beautiful sunny December day. It was completely clear with snowy mountain peaks, harbor seals, glistening water and light wind. Onward glided over the water with our powerful strokes and competent leadership from our Coxswain of the week, Trinity! Today we explored the shallows between Point Hudson and Chetzemoka Park marveling at the sandy bottom where you could see moon snail egg cases, worm castings and shells. Onward is a very shallow drafted vessel, so we are able to be close to shore. On our way home we sang shanties and rowed to “The Sailor’s Alphabet and Haul Away Joe.” Our group has great rhythm and voices!

Bravo Team’s abilities are really developing after 10 classes this fall. Knot tying, seamanship, team work,  and environmental awareness all continue to improve. At the end of today’s class, we focused on creating our ship’s articles team contract which we make on a piece of sail cloth and fly as a flag from the mast. The group was very thoughtful in coming up with the following concepts we want to uphold and work towards as a group: Adventurous Spirit!, Inclusive, Appreciation, Be Kind to Yourself, Positive Mental Attitude, Respect Nature and 100%. Next week we will put finishing touches on the flag and all sign it, acknowledging our commitment to these goals. We have two more classes before holiday break and are looking forward to the return of OCEAN teacher, Daniel Molotsky in the new year!