Videography 101

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Today’s class was about planning and preparations, both for Bravo Team Journey coming up in May, and for video-making for our environmental project.

We began with an overview of the Eastern San Juan Islands to help students plan for the potential route.  Leaving from and returning to Anacortes, how can we best use the currents to help us explore various destinations like Saddlebag Island, Cypress Island, and potentially Lummi Island?

After some intensive crunching of numbers and concepts, we moved into our Environmental Project Check-in: the video project featuring a starring role for: PLASTIC STRAWS.

We brainstormed questions for a special guest: professional videographer and local, Michael McCurdy.  We welcomed him to the classroom just after snack.  After showing him some of the things we’ve done thus far, he told us about his process starting with the concept of story-board creation, the difference between ‘shots’ versus ‘scenes,’ and how much of the work goes into planning BEFORE the actual ‘taping’ begins.

We ended class with a brainstorm about what each of us were going to do this coming week – an action plan list – Things that we agreed to do: Finish the script draft, see about a drone that can take photos, music from an open source, continue artwork, start the storyboard, and have a few restaurants in town collect straws for a period of time both for data collection, and for props for the video.  Lots to do!  We will do our best.