Bravo Team Journey Day

Chrissy McLeanAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

We plan a journey every year as a culminating experience and on Tuesday, Bravo Team spent the whole day on the water. Journey allows us to put all of our skills to work: rowing and sailing a long boat, leading and following in the group, living and traveling at a pace that allows us to meet our basic needs, and having a good time.

Because we were not embarking on a multi-day journey this year, we had a lot of goals and experiences we wanted to include in our one day trip. We hoped to sail, row, spend time on an island, sing, make a meal together, have a moment of silence, take a “dip” in the salt water, and share our favorite snacks (Thanks to the Food Coop for donating.) You’ll see from our photos below that we did a pretty good job of accomplishing all of these!

At the end of the day we reflected on the differences between journey travel and regular class, sharing our favorite parts of the day. Some differences we noticed were moving slow and being patient, having a whole day together, and learning to live outside. Our favorite parts were being together, taking a dip, laughing, having a moment of silence, and feeling the strong sense of community.  No matter how short or long, journeys are a truly special experience.