Back on the water with Bravo Team

Chrissy McLeanAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Today was sunny with light winds- a perfect day for longboat sailing. Three consecutive weeks of Small Craft Advisories had kept us ashore and we were more than ready to get back on the water.

We started our afternoon with honing some of the skills we will need for our spring journey. Today was navigation practice. We used charts, dividers, parallel rulers, and the collective skills of our crew to determine compass headings and distances to some local landmarks. A quick planning discussion on our environmental project helped us set goals for the next week.  Then we were off to the boat!

Chance and Daqaste shared the helm and helped us set sails, gybe several times, and enjoy a perfect day on the bay. Our end of day reflections told the story of how we felt: relaxed, sunny, beautiful ocean, contentedly tired, sailing, uplifted, and awesome.