A rowing destination – The Tower

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Today we had a nearly full class in attendance.  We took advantage of our full boat to gather information about tide, weather, and distance across Port Townsend Bay to the Tower (“marker” by  Kilisut Harbor entrance on chart 18464).  Our students determined it to be a 3 nautical mile round trip from Point Hudson to the Tower.  We decided with the forecast and the predicted tides that this was something we wanted to accomplish today.

With the wind at our stern (northwesterly), we left Point Hudson and headed across.  Rounding the corner at the tower, we saw two bald eagles and dug our oars in for longer strokes as we headed upwind.  Practicing our power-tens in different languages of counting one to ten (German, Korean, Russian, Spanish and French), we made our way back across to the Point Hudson marina just in time for class to end at 3:30.  Thanks to Liz Quayle for stepping in for Daniel Molotsky and her willingness to jump in to a new experience!