A Little of This (work), A Little of That (play)

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

The end of the school year is soon here.  Bravo Team’s second to last class was today and after such a full, awesome journey (see blog post https://nwmaritime.org/2018/05/10/bravo-team-journey-day/) on Tuesday, the group decided to focus in on their environmental project.  Their video regarding plastic straws and why they suck for the environment, specifically the Salish Sea, came together with the last of the shots taken today during busy NWMC campus activity.  We had students filming, others holding props, and some were guarding entrances to the area where we were shooting video.  Next week we hope to have a final product with edits and voice-overs to share with parents.

After snack and our moment of silence at the park, a quick vote by students was made to go out on the water for a quick jaunt in Martha J.  We felt the gusty westerlies filling in as we made our way around the cruise ship anchored out in PT Bay.  The sunshine and the wind were both super refreshing.

Thanks for following along and stay tuned for our last class and blog post of the year. 🙂