Everything You Need to Know About Exhibiting Your Boat at Festival

The 2018 boat application will be available in the spring. Please check back then.

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• Read all of the information on this page.
• Complete the entire form—linked at the bottom—including waivers.
• Upload picture
• You will receive periodic emails letting you know where you are in the registration process
• When accepted, you will receive an email from the NWMC letting you know how to pay!
The Festival takes place September 8–10, 2017 in Port Townsend, Washington in the Point Hudson Marina, the year-round home of the Wooden Boat Festival since 1977.
Boats arrive Thursday, September 7. Accepted boats will be contacted mid August with general information from the festival office. Then 2 weeks before Festival you will hear from the Harbormasters with more information. You will be given a time slot for arrival, and directions on how to check in with the harbormaster team, etc.

In general, boats arrive starting at noon on Thursday. If you want to come to Port Townsend early, please call Point Hudson Marina and make arrangements with them for early arrival. They will try to place you for an easy move Thursday. In some cases, very large boats will need to arrive Wednesday night.

We ask all boats to stay on dock until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday unless they are participating in the Sail By. If you would like to spend Sunday night in the marina, please contact Point Hudson Marina EARLY!
LOA passes WBF/NWMC Member Non-Member
❏ <13′ 1 $70 $75
❏ 13’–20′ 2 $95 $100
❏ 19’–30′ 3 $115 $125
❏ 31’–45′ 3 $135 $145
❏ 46’–60′ 4 $165 $175
❏ 61’+ 6 $195 $210
Wooden Boat Festival is an incredible value! Three days of camaraderie, races, presentations, music, dancing, sea chanteys, friends, and fun! You also get tickets to:

Boater Chowder Feed: On Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. in Bar Harbor be our guest for a cup of chowder. Your tickets will be in your boater packet! Each boat in the water gets 2 free tickets; you can purchase extra tickets when applying.
Free beer coupons: You get 2 free beer coupons in your packet—sweet!
Boater Breakfast: Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. breakfast will be served in Bar Harbor! Breakfast burritos for all boats in water! Your tickets will be in your boater packet. Every boat gets 2 free tickets; you can purchase additional tickets when applying.

We wish that we could accept all wooden boats into the Festival, but due to space constraints we cannot. We squeeze as many boats as possible into Point Hudson… with the help of CAD programs and mad geniuses behind the scenes… no matter how creative they are, we can only fit what we can fit. Early application gives you the best possible chance of being accepted if your boat is a good fit for our Festival.

Boats are considered a good fit according to several parameters, not in any particular order:

  • Interesting history or story behind boat
  • Variety: we are always searching for nice variety of boats
  • Years and history in festival-beloved regulars
  • Historical significance
  • Boat size
  • Safe to have in harbor and in Festival

Other things we find interesting:

  • Something new
  • Old favorite that has been in many years
  • Local refit
  • Recent refit
  • School ships
  • Condition of vessel
Yes! We have lots of space for boats on trailers or stands!
We place trailer boats around the Festival for interest and variety. We will try to accommodate putting you in a specific location (The Point, the First Federal Commons, near a friend, etc.) if we know in advance. Please email barb@nwmaritime.org for special requests.
You can launch right next to the Northwest Maritime Center, or down at the Port Townsend Boat Haven. If your boat is able to make the short trip from the Boat Haven to Point Hudson (1 mile) we suggest you launch there. It’s a little less busy and is where our best trailer parking is, which may make it more convenient.
We have space down at the Port Townsend Boat Haven. Check in with us closer to the Festival and we will have exact directions to trailer parking!
Call ahead to the Point Hudson customs office, 360.385.3777.
Note: Be sure not to have a “For Sale” sign visible when you clear customs.
Harbormasters have the final say! We have an amazing team that works for months planning how to get all these beautiful boats in and out of the harbor safely—for the boats, and for the people on board. Hopefully with some grace and humor too. Please know that following their directions is absolutely imperative. Our system of timing your arrival and entrance into the Harbor is pretty slick, if everyone follows the system. If they don’t, it can get ugly. Please help our efforts to keep this a safe, fun, weekend!
Yes! On the application check the box that asks if you have a handicap or mobility issue. We will try to place you dockside.
We cannot give everyone in the Festival direct access in and out, but we try to accommodate everyone as best we can. Please check on the application if you want to be in any of the races, and check with harbormasters before leaving the dock.

Still have questions? Email us at boatreg@woodenboat.org