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We offer boatbuilding classes for all abilities in all kinds of watercraft—sailboats, stitch & glue plywood kayaks, Scamps, surfboards, and more—from a number of different companies.

Offered by the Wooden Boat Foundation Boatshop:

  • Intro to Shop Tools: January 21, April 8, July 8
    • This is your chance to learn to safely use a table saw, joiner, thickness planer, band saw, router, miter saw, and drill press.
  • Intro to Boatbuilding: October 27–29
    • Learn tool use, shop use, and different methods of construction, traditional and contemporary.
  • Women’s Woodworking: November dates TBD
    [Registration and More Info]

Pygmy Boats:

Build a beautiful pygmy kayak. Under the guidance of professional boat builders, learn the stitch and glue construction process to assemble your kayak.

February 13–19, March 20–26, May 15–21, June 5–11, July 17–23, October 9–15
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March 6–12
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Cape Falcon Kayaks:

New offering! Build your own skin-on-frame kayak. Boat is launched at the end of the week-long class.
May 28–June 3
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Grain Surfboards:

Build your own wooden surfboard in this four-day class by learning the craft of shaping and sanding your own board.
June 22–25
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Good Story Paddle Boards:

July 13–16
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Long Steps:

July 23–August 2


SCAMP is a small, simple, stalwart boat in the genre of the mini micro cruiser/daysailor. Learn to build one with our professional boat builders.
August 7–20
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Chase Small Craft:

September 18–October 1
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