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Race to Alaska Race Boss: Daniel Evans

Wooden Boat Festival: Barb Trailer, 360.385.3628 x106

Wooden Boat Chandlery (Retail Store), 360.385.3628 x101

Class Registrations: Catherine Leporati, 360.385.3628 x104

Facility Rentals: Catherine Leporati, 360.385.3628 x104

Volunteers: Hallie Kopald, 360.385.3628 x115

Communications: Anika Colvin, 360.385.3628 x110

Membership: Susanna Sharp, 360.385.3628 x117

Sponsorships: Liz Harpold, 360.385.3628 x121

Donor Relations: Len Maranan-Goldstein, 360.385.3628 x111

Executive Director: Jake Beattie, 360.385.3628 x105

Full alphabetical staff directory:

Carolyn “Ace” Spragg, Program Director –, 360.385.3628 x103
Angela Hewitson, House Manager –
Anika Colvin, Communications Manager –, 360.385.3628 x110
Anna Waters, Wooden Boat Chandlery Manager –, 360.385.3628 x118
Barb Trailer, Wooden Boat Festival Director –, 360.385.3628 x106
Brandon Hampton, Lead Janitor
Carol Baker, Librarian –, 360.385.3628
Catherine Leporati, Officer Manager –, 360.385.3628 x104
Chrissy McLean, Associate Program Manager –, 360.385.3628 x113
Cody Spiegel, Wooden Boat Chandlery Hardware Specialist –
Daniel Evans, Race to Alaska Race Boss –
Eileen Johnston, Finance Manager –, 360.385.3628 x107
Frank Comeriato, Chandlery Sales Associate –
Hallie Kopald, Volunteer & Communications Coordinator –, 360.385.3628 x115
Jake Beattie, Executive Director –, 360.385.3628 x105
Jef Waibel, IT Manager –, 360.385.3628 x108
Kris Day, Marine Thrift Manager –
Len Maranan-Goldstein, Development Director –, 360.385.3628 x111
Liz Harpold, Sponsorship Coordinator –, 360.385.3628 x121
Riley McMath, Boatshop Assistant –
Scott Jones, Wooden Boat Foundation Boatshop Manager –, 360.385.3628 x123
Shaun McCarthy, Facilities Manager –, 360.385.3628 x114
Shirley Reynolds, Bookkeeper, 360.385.3628 x116
Sonia Frojen, School Programs Manager –, 360.385.3628 x109
Susanna Sharp, Development Coordinator –, 360.385.3628 x117
Tanya Rublaitus, Assistant Registrar –, 360.385.3628 x104
Xoe Huffman, Bookeeper –, 360.385.3628 x116

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